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Land Reclamation for Future Development at KUMZAR, Al Musandam Governorate

  • Start Date: 15.07.2014
  • Planned Finish Date: 25.12.2016
  • Type of Contract: Main Contract
  • Project Scope Description: The works comprise cutting and leveling the land to develop a reasonably level and solid ground suitable for construction of housing units and related buildings in the future. The work also involves construction of internal Asphalt roads and a asphalt access road from the existing settlements in kumzar to this development area. The full area developed including for the roads should be achieved only by cutting and no filling is allowed in the development area. The excavated material to be disposed to a suitable location approved by the concerned authorities.

    The purpose of the contract is to reclaim this area for future development purpose. The scope includes design and construction of internal Asphalt roads and the asphalt access roads from existing settlements 622,433 Cu. Meter.

    The approximate area for development including the area for internal roads is 1,087,078 Cu. Meter. This development area involves approximately 2750 M of 15 M wide internal roads. The access road work involves around 300M (approximate) of road along the coastal line from the existing settlement and further 3000M (approximate) to the development site. All roads works should be carried out according to the requirements/standards of Ministry of transport and Communication, and contractor to obtain all the necessary approvals from all concerned authorities in this regard.

    Contractor should bear in mind that the depth of excavation will vary according to the following excavation criteria

    The full development area including for the roads should be developed only by cutting (no filling allowed in the development area)

    Excavation should be carried out to achieve a fairly leveled surface for the full development area without exceeding a maximum finished surface slope of 1in 40 , suitable for future construction purposes.

    Contractor to bear in mind that the rate for excavation and disposal will remain constant irrespective of the depth of excavation and the type of excavated material .Contractor to consider necessary side protection work, surface drainage facilities, trimming of sides to stable slopes etc . According to the criteria mentioned above for excavation.

    Additional Protection works should be put in place in this contract, example storm water drainage facilities for the development area as well as for the roads, sea side protection works for the access road along the coastal line, trimming the sides of excavation to stable slopes.

    The access road along the coastal line should be constructed by cut and fill method by reclaiming the sea coast , with necessary sea protection work on the sea side.
  • Client: Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications
  • Location: Al Kumzar, Musandam Region, Sultanate of Oman
  • Contract Value: 5,863,629.670